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Started by James

Hello Everyone,


I'm very pleased to announce the completion of the LeashMC forums and the news that we will be hosting a private beta in the coming weeks.


Firstly.. the forums is now complete. We will still have some add-ons in development such as voting, members list, staff list etc.. but these will be coming very shortly for now the forums can now be used for posts, comments, reactions etc.. future announcements and server information will be posted on the forums for the community to interact with.


Secondly.. our beta session. We're hoping to have a private beta in the coming weeks for anyone that wishes to be whitelisted to test and stress the server to ensure we have a well performing and perfected server for the official release of LeashMC. We expect a large playerbase to be joining us upon release as we have some marketing strategies in place and contacts with some youtubers and streamers for the day of the release so we're very excited as that day approaches. There will be an official release date announced shortly.


Finally.. we encourage anyone not already in our discord server to join us at https://www.leashmc.com/discord to stay updated with the latest changes regarding the server and it's platforms and to interact with our awesome staff team and growing community.


Thank you all for reading,

James Farrelly - LeashMC Owner.

27 days ago