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Welcome to the official Content Creator Guidelines post for LeashMC.This post will have all essential information included requirements to become a member of our Content Team.If you are a popular individual with a lot of outreach, you may be entitled to some pretty fancy perks on all of our platforms to assist you with your content creation. We're looking to receuit members of YouTube & Twitch that record SkyBlock and other general minecraft videos. Depending on your size you will receive different perks. If interested please make sure to read the requirements and information below before visiting our Applications section of the forums to apply.When Reviewing Your Application We Check1. Who is your audience?2. How large is your audience?3. What is the quality of your content?4. How active is your channel?These are all important factors we take a look at before accepting any applications or setting up any contracts with Content Creators.
25 days ago

Welcome to the official Staff Application Guidelines post for LeashMC.This post will have all essential information included requirements to become a member of our staff team.You must meet the requirements listed below, we will not give special treatment if they're not met we will deny your application.Please read the following information very carefully before applying, we'd appreciate if you didn't waste the LeashMC teams time.Requirements1. You must have a working Microphone and actively use discord.2. You must not have applied within the last 30 days of this application.3. You must be able to record and screenshot when required on the server.4. You must follow the given format and answer all questions.5. You cannot ask other staff members to review your application.To submit your application, please visit the Applications section of our forums and create a new thread. Please make sure to follow the guidelines and use the correct format which will be under the Formats section of our forum.Tips & Hints1. Take your time and read through your application carefully before submitting it.2. Try to speak of things that are unique to you, this can included hobbies, skills etc..3. Explain your points with actual experience. This can be troubles you have faced whilst working for previous servers.4. Make sure each answer you write is relevant to the question and well-worded.
25 days ago

Welcome to the official rules documentation for LeashMC.This post will have all essential rules for our in-game server, forums and discord. These rules must be followed by all members of the community no matter their position within the community.Please make sure to read these carefully and actively check as these are subject to change at any point in time.General Rules1. You cannot share your account with others.2. You cannot impersonate any member on our staff team.3. Evading punishments on other accounts will result in the punishment being doubled on all of your accounts.4. We expect all members to respect one another and the staff team of LeashMC.5. Common sense applies, we expect all members to use common sense and will not take excuses such as I wasn't aware of the rules.Chat Related Rules1. We will not tolerate any discrimination, this includes racism, sexism homophobic remarks etc..2. Excessive language or sexual remarks will not be tolerated.3. Starting drama or riots/spam within the public chat is not tolerated.4. You cannot post repetitively or bypass the anti-spam filter.5. NSFW content will not be tolerated no matter the context.6. Anything that suggests harm, exposing, ddosing, doxing etc.. is not tolerated.7. Advertising videos, servers, addresses, websites, social medias is not tolerated. This is only available for our Content CreatorsGameplay Rules1. You cannot use illegal client modifications. You can find a list of allowed modifications within the Documentation Category.2. Autoclickers and macros are considering illegal modifications.3. TP Trapping and any sort of Island Traps are not allowed.4. Abusing glitches and bugs is not tolerated. Report these may result in rewards.5. NSFW builds and skins are not tolerated.6. Lag machines and large redstone structures are not allowed.7. You cannot have any more than 3x alts online at one time.8. Insiding is not tolerated and will result in immediate resets of all your accounts.Forums Rules1. Innapropriate names, profile pictures and posts will not be tolerated.2. You may not spam or make low quality posts.3. NSFW content within posts is not tolerated.4. You cannot advertise services that are not related to LeashMC.5. You cannot create threads about sensitive topics such as politics, abortion, racism etc..Discord Rules1. You cannot disrespect other users or the LeashMC staff team.2. NSFW content will not be tolerated.3. You cannot advertise any other servers, videos, websites etc.. only our Content Creators may do so.4. DM advertising if reported will result in a punishment.5. Impersonating staff members is not tolerated.
26 days ago

Hello Everyone,   I'm very pleased to announce the completion of the LeashMC forums and the news that we will be hosting a private beta in the coming weeks.   Firstly.. the forums is now complete. We will still have some add-ons in development such as voting, members list, staff list etc.. but these will be coming very shortly for now the forums can now be used for posts, comments, reactions etc.. future announcements and server information will be posted on the forums for the community to interact with.   Secondly.. our beta session. We're hoping to have a private beta in the coming weeks for anyone that wishes to be whitelisted to test and stress the server to ensure we have a well performing and perfected server for the official release of LeashMC. We expect a large playerbase to be joining us upon release as we have some marketing strategies in place and contacts with some youtubers and streamers for the day of the release so we're very excited as that day approaches. There will be an official release date announced shortly.   Finally.. we encourage anyone not already in our discord server to join us at https://www.leashmc.com/discord to stay updated with the latest changes regarding the server and it's platforms and to interact with our awesome staff team and growing community.   Thank you all for reading, James Farrelly - LeashMC Owner.
27 days ago